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SEO / Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting a website to the higher rankings in the natural or free side of the search engines. SEO is an ongoing process and the results are never instant. However the long term benefits of having your website at the top of Google, Yahoo or MSN are very clear. SEO is a necessary solution for any company planning to utilize the internet to conduct or promote their business.

We currently have several Search Engine Optimization services designed to meet your internet marketing needs. Our SEO results are the best in the business and we say that confidently as a result of years of experience. When we take on an SEO project we dedicate 6 months to the task so that you can get the maximum results and ROI.

Research and analysis

We will do a complete analysis of your website to understand your business goals, your competition and your industry. It will be completely reviewed and a customized Optimization campaign will be created so that we can easily identify Optimization problems with your website.

Keyword Research

Many people underestimate this vital component of search engine Optimization. Keywords are at the heart of achieving high search engine rankings. If you are not targeting the right keywords for your business, then you won’t get the right people viewing your page. At Apex we will use keyword building technology which identifies the number of requests for different keywords and we will utilize this knowledge within your sites Optimization.

Natural Optimization and Re-structure

This step involves our experienced web experts analyzing the websites code, architecture and content. This is designed to make your website more attractive to search engines.

Search Engine Submission

We will periodically submit your website profile to all major search engines and directories on the Internet including world wide, include Google, Yahoo, Altavista etc. Our database contains more than 1,000 major search engines around the world.

Link Popularity Building

Link popularity is another piece of the puzzle in the process of search engine Optimization. All search engines will measure the importance of a site to some extent by the amount of quality links that are directed towards it. It is very important however that these links are of a high standard and are relevant to your industry. Purchasing links or submitting your site to a link directory is simply not enough. Our experts will develop a strategy specific to your industry that will ensure you get quality links to your website.

Web Ranking Reporting

We check your website's ranking for all the major search engines and directories once per month, and report you the improvement of your web position.

Ongoing SEO Management Services

It is important to understand that SEO is not a one-time project. In fact, it is a continuing process that requires constant monitoring and reviewing of the website content for solid, long-term effective results.

As a part of our ongoing SEO management services we offer clients to monitor the linking strategy, ie. Determine who is linking to your website and also to recommend additional websites that you may wish to target.

We monitor the effectiveness of each of the key phrases and make recommendations of additions and/or changes where appropriate. We continually monitor changes in search algorithm and depending on those changes make further monthly suggestions on tweaking your website content.

Making appropriate changes and adjustments will ensure expanding the amount of visits to your website.


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Apex Pacific is a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Firm Agency Company, Our solutions and services provided by SEO Professionals, and SEO consultants

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