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PPC Training Pack

Pay Per Click advertising is a highly effective way to bring leads to your business through the search engine allowing you to target only the keywords relevant to your business resulting in a high ROI when compared to other traditional forms of advertising. Paid search advertising allows you to bid on a particular keyword in the search engine and you will be listed higher depending on how much you are willing to pay each time that someone clicks on your ad. Another great thing about PPC advertising is that you can set up a campaign and start generating leads to your website, straight away.

This all sounds easy enough but when it comes to actually setting up your campaign in Google or Yahoo, the reality can be very different. More often than not online advertisers are paying a lot more for their campaigns than they actually should be and they are not truly capitalising on the advantages that a successful PPC advertising campaign can bring a business. This is why we have created our ultimate ‘PPC Guide’ that will take you through all the things you need to know, so that you can maximize your ROI through search engine advertising.

Why do I need the ‘PPC Training Guide’?

Our PPC training package will take you through all the tips and tricks of managing a highly profitable Pay Per Click advertising campaign. The PPC Adwords training Guide is full of all the tricks that Google doesn’t want you to know because it will teach you how you can save a lot of money on your Adwords campaign and still manage to increase your amount of clicks!

If you have struggled to get the right people through to your website from your PPC campaign or think you are paying too much, then the Pay Per Click training guide is designed for you. This guide has been developed from years of experience managing pay per click accounts and it will have you increasing your conversions and improving your return on investment in no time.

Learn what Google does not want you to know with our PPC training guide and start increasing your returns from Pay Per Click advertising!

What you get:

  • Pay Per Click How-To-Guide (20 pages)
  • All about the main PPC Engines, Tips & Techniques (50 pages)
  • Tips on Google, Yahoo & MSN
  • 20% Discount on PPC BidMax

How Much?

The ultimate ‘PPC Guide’ package is just


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