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Search Engine Marketing Advanced Training

The Search Engine Marketing industry has changed drastically over the last couple of years! More and more individuals and businesses want to promote their website to the search engines.

Getting your website to the top ranking positions on Google, Yahoo and MSN is becoming ever so difficult with the level of competition arising every day. Many businesses become entrapped by alleged “SEM or SEO companies” and don’t see results.

Do you want to take your online marketing strategy into your own hands ?
Are you looking to expand your business and take your share in this booming Internet market?
Are you aware of the phenomenal growth that is occurring in online advertising!?
Want to find out what you can do to fast-track your business and Provide SEO and PPC in house?

Then sign up to our Search Engine Marketing TRAINING SESSION and learn the secrets of Search Engine Marketing!

The Search Engine Marketing Advanced Training Course is the most comprehensive training available.

This SEM course will take you through all the practical steps of search engine optimization techniques and how to achieve higher rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Also this training course focuses on the other side of SEM - pay per click bid management and how to manage your online adveritising campaigns for Google Adwords, Yahoo and MSN; knowing the techniques to establish and run a successful campaign to deliver a greater ROI.

Either you want to implement your internet marketing strategy in-house, or if you are looking to start your own search engine marketing consultancy business or simply apply the knowledge of search engine marketing to your own business, this course will make sure that you are fully competent in all aspects of search engine marketing, and you will become equipped to maximise your marketing returns from utilising the search engine.

Our course is a comprehensive training session for beginners and experts that are looking to get ahead in their business. Take a look at what you will learn:

What you will learn:

This Search Engine Marketing Advance Training will provide you with the practicalities of attracting quality traffic to your business from the search engine as well as taking your business to the next scale of online marketing.

  • The Top 5 Secrets of Internet Marketing
  • The 5 simple steps to get your web site to the TOP 10 position in Google and Yahoo !
  • The 3 Online Marketing strategies to boost your profitability by 80%

The course will cover:

  • The common problems behind web design and optimisation and how to find a balance between the two mainstreams of online advertising
  • The relationships between the search engines and what optimisation techniques to focus for each engine so as to attain higher ranking positions
  • How to conduct proper keyword and competitor research to meet the business goals and drive more qualified traffic to your website – ultimately how to deliver conversion
  • The processes of search engine optimisation in terms of web page optimisation as well as link popularity.
  • The techniques of advance link building strategies which will get you relevant links for your website
  • Important internal and external linking structures for ethical optimisation
  • The misconceptions and unethical practices of optimisation – Black Hat methods not to be used!
  • Practical demonstration to construct a PPC Campaign for Google Adwords and Yahoo Panama
  • How to manage your PPC campaign for higher ROI performances, showing you how to reduce the management time but still attain results.

The Training Sessions are as follows:

2 days.

Face-To-Face Training Location: Level 1, 6-8 Crewe Place, Rosebery NSW 2018, Australia.

Alternatively International Trainees can take the course via Web Seminar.

  • Search Engine Optimisation Basics

  • What “Website Structure” is required to achieve high rankings

  • How to create a search engine friendly website

  • How to research and find the right keywords for your website

  • The major elements of Search Engine Optimisation

  • How to get your website index quickly

  • Understand Link Popularity and Google Page Rank

  • 5 Simple STEPS to get your website on the top

  • How to monitor and maintain your website position

  • What tools are required to get your website at the top

  • Case Study
  • How to optimize dynamic and database driven website?

  • How to check and detect your competitors’ online strategies?

  • How to use Google site-map to get your site list fast?

  • How to integrate your web design idea with search engine Optimisation

  • Comprehensive Link building strategies to get quality links

  • Understand the importance of Link Reputation

  • How to get your site ranked higher with less than 10 backward links

  • Insider secrets to get your website to the top 10 positions

  • Overview of Paid Search Sponsored Advertising (Pay-Per-Click Advertising)

  • How to create an effective PPC campaign

  • How to target to the right keyword that give you higher ROI

Why Take This Course?

Many organisations have well-designed and functional web sites, but they do not have the right internet marketing strategy to generate the revenue expected. This Search engine marketing Advance course will show you methods of potentially earning more revenue from your website, while providing visitors with a more rewarding online experience. Delegates will become more confident with search engine marketing techniques and terminology.

Learn how to utilise this knowledge and put together an online marketing strategy that can attain you results. If you want to provide Search engine marketing services to your clients then this course will be your introduction into building quality services.

Want to take your business one step further and become an Internet Marketing Consultant, then talk to one of our consultants and they can tell you how you can build your business through one of our programs, no matter what industry you are in!

Heads above our competitors – What Make our Apex SEM Training Course Different!

Our training course is unique from other training courses in the market today. All courses are taught by our highly skilled Internet Marketing consultants and Google qualified professionals. The courses were developed from research and practical experience of what makes consultants and trainers successful and what obstacles to avoid. Unlike other training courses, all our trainers have practical knowledge and hands-on experience in the search engine optimisation and Pay-Per-Click bid management arena.

If you are serious about driving more traffic to your own web site or your clients web sites' and you want to get your web site to the top positions of Google and Yahoo, you cannot afford to miss the strategies taught in this exciting program. Proven and tested in the real world, we will show you how to make the search engine marketing mystery as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Who Should Take This Course?

This SEM Course will allow a variety of individual and business to learn the core practices of Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click. The course content is tailored for all types of people to join and learn the essential strategies to devise a constructive online marketing campaign.

  • Marketing executives entrusted with the responsibility of promoting their company's or client's web sites.

  • Webmasters wanting to increase traffic to their web sites via search engines.

  • Small business owners wanting to learn how to promote their web sites on the search engines.

  • Owners of e-commerce sites that want to increase their site's visitor to customer conversion ratios.

  • Web site designers wanting to offer search engine marketing services to their clients.

  • Search engine optimizers (SEO) or search engine marketers (SEM) wanting to improve their industry

  • Students or graduates wanting to learn how to optimize web sites for search engines in preparation for starting their own search engine optimization business or applying for a job as an SEO or SEM.

Our course is designed for you to maximise your return on your investment. Many of our consultants have gone on to earn over $100,000 in just two months by applying all of the secrets that they learn during our training course.

Comprehensive training is also available on all our award winning search engine marketing software products that will give you the technological advantage over your competitors saving you time and money! Don’t spend hours in lost opportunity cost surfing through pages, forums and junk trying to find out about internet marketing. It is all included in our tried and tested advanced training course.

Don’t spend hours in lost opportunity cost surfing through pages, forums and junk trying to find out about internet marketing. It is all included in our tried and tested advanced training course.


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